• Hakko FT-802. Thermal Wire Stripper

  • Thermal wire stripper for higher quality and more preciseness
  • Even very fine AWG 38 can be stripped with standard blades

Thermal wire stripper for higher quality and more preciseness

More sharp, precise, and effective

Thermal wire stripper FT-802 enables higher quality and more precise insulation stripping.
The performance that can strip insulation with no nick can meet the requirement of the latest aerospace industry and the medical industry that require s very high quality.

Thermal strip gives great sharpness.

FT-802 can strip the insulation of AWG 38 wire with no nick.

Conventional wire stripper could make ragged edges of insulation or damage strands.

Due to the tweezers structure, the cutting edges are always aligned.

The blades can be securely fixed by making the frame with tweezers structure.

Even very fine AWG 38 can be stripped with standard blades.

Blades are replaceable and a handpiece can be saved.

No need to replace a handpiece when blades get worn out.
Blades can be easily replaced by using the hex-wrench (included in the unit) and the blade removal plate.
* The blades must be cool before replacement for safety.

Space saving by the integration of station and holder

Output setting by the unit of 5%. Easy to set optimum output level as per material.

User-friendly display

Status of a handpiece at glance on the display.
User-friendly design for reduction of stress during the work.

◯A handpiece is correctly set in a holder.
◯Same as the output value
◯Ready to work immediately
◯Auto sleep function will activate after passing the set time.

◯Auto sleep function is running.
◯Save output value approximately by 50%
◯Reduce blade oxidation and load on heating elements
◯Time to activate auto sleep function can be set by the unit of 1 minute (up to 30 minutes).

Option blade can handle even very thick cables

  • HAKKO FT-8003 can strip insulation off thick leads that HAKKO FT-8002 could not.

  • If cut with a knife blade
    It is not recommended to use a knife blade for cable stripping due to the high risk of cutting in the conductor or fraying shield that can result in ruining the cable.
Packing List
Model No. Packing List
Station (with wire material indicator seal), Handpiece FT-8004 (with lead adjuster), Hexagon socket set screw (M2.5 x 2.5 [qty 2]), Hexagon wrench (1.27 mm), Power cord, Instruction manual

Blades are not included with this product. The desired blades should be purchased separately.

Blades (G4 Series)

Model No. FT-802
Power consumption 76W


Output voltage AC 20V
Dimensions 76(W)×159(H)×161(D)mm
Weight 1.6kg

・Wire Stripper (FT-8004)

Power consumption 72W (20V)
Cord length 1.6m
Total length 153mm
Weight 47g

・Optional Wire Stripper (FT-8003)

Power consumption 46W (24V)
Cord length <2m
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential 1.3mV
Total length 155mm
Weight 27g

* Length and weight for handpiece (w/o cord, blade)

Replacement parts
Part No. Name Specifications
FT8004-81 HAKKO FT-8004 72W (20V)
B5242 Lead adjuster with o-ring, screw and stopper
B5244 Blade removal plate with screws
B5245 Handpiece holder with sems screw M3×18, qty 2
B5243 Sleeve assembly with heat insulation covers
Part No. Name Specifications
FT8003-81 HAKKO FT-8003 conversion kit 46W (24V)
C5034 Iron holder
C5034 Handpiece holder <w/ handpiece holder cover> with power-save function
FT8003-82 HAKKO FT-8003 46W (24V)

Hakko FT-802. Thermal Wire Stripper

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  • Модель: FT-802
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