• Hakko FT-700. Soldering Tip Polisher

  • Soldering tip polisher best suited for the removal of oxidation on soldering tips
  • Oxidized films firmly sticking to tips are removed using a supplied brush
  • It prevents the shortening of service life of tips caused by oxidation

"Maintenance kit for oxidized soldering tips"
Especially suitable for soldering tips oxidized by Lead-free solder and high temperature solder
By using the brush and accessory "Chemical Paste"HAKKO FS-100:
Carbide and oxide can be removed without causing damage to the soldering tip
Diamnonium phosphate is not included
Power saving with 3 watts low consumption.
· Cleaning procedure

Oxidized tip

Cleaning is now completed.

Remove carbide and oxide.

Tin the tip.
(remove oxide)

Clean off chemical paste from the tip surface.

Tin the tip with solder.

Repeat the process twice or more until oxide is completely removed.

NOTE: When the tip temperature is over 400ºC, even if the oxidation film is removed by "HAKKO FT-700 tip polisher", the tip can turn to be oxidized quickly again.

When carbide and oxide cannot be removed by the above procedure
When carbide and oxide are hard, they sometimes cannot be removed even by the HAKKO FT-700. In this case, first use the brush which included in the unit as one of accessories and clean the tip by the above procedure.


When the brush is used, small scratches may be produced on the iron plating surface of the tip.
Do not always use the brush, but use only when oxidation cannot be removed by cleaning with HAKKO FT-700.

If solder is not wet on the tip surface
Packing List
Part No. Packing List
No.FT700 HAKKO FT-700 Tip Polisher, HAKKO FS-100 Paste, Brush: 1pc each
Model No. FT-700
Power consumption 3W (100V), 4.5W (110 to 120V, 220 to 240V)
Dimensions 70(W)×54(H)×101(D)mm
Weight 0.65kg

・Chemical Paste

Amount 10g
Ingredients Flux, tin(Sn) 50wt%(each)

* Weight (w/o cord)
* The flux component of chemical paste consists of Alicyclic amine hydrobromate, Aliphatic amine hydrobromate, Petrolatum, Wax. Make sure the tip is cleaned after use according to the cleaning procedure.
* Do not use the chemical paste for purposes other than restoring of the soldering tip.

Replacement parts
Part No. Name Specifications
FS-100 HAKKO FS-100 paste
B3051 Brush
B3052 Polishing brush (qty 2)
Category Title
How to use If only we could extend the tip life...

Hakko FT-700. Soldering Tip Polisher

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