• Hakko FR-301. Desoldering Tool for Power Lines

  • Use of high thermal efficiency N61 series nozzles
  • A wide range of nozzles and shapes for secure desoldering
  • Reduction of solder clogging by improved heating core
  • Easy filter maintenace
  • Safe and easy nozzle change with the nozzle wrench

A wide range of nozzles and shapes for any desoldering

Use of high thermal efficiency N61 series nozzles

N61 series nozzles can also be used for HAKKO FR-410 desoldering station.
* N61 series nozzles cannot be used for FR-300.

A wide range of nozzles and shapes for secure desoldering

The nozzles lineup includes diameters from 0.6 mm to 1.6 mm and also oval shape nozzles.
Desoldering on micro land and in fine pitch can be possible.

N61 series nozzles for FR-301

Equipped with high-precision temperature control function

Uses HAKKO’s unique sensor feedback control method.

Easy temperature control

- CAL enables fine adjustment of temperature
- LED indicators let you easily see when the heater is active and idling at your temperature setting.

Reduction of solder clogging by improved heating core

* In comparison with the previous model

Easy filter maintenace

The structure of the filter pipe is same as HAKKO FR-410 desoldering station. That makes it easier to clean the filter pipe compared to the previous model.

Part numbers of the replacement parts

The filter pipe assembly, a set of the five parts, is also available.

Quick Change Nozzle System provides speed and safety

The Quick Change Nozzle System allows for a safer and simpler method to quickly remove nozzles for cleaning or replacement, even when the unit is hot.

Includes simple iron holder

Prevents burns and accidents with hot parts

Power switch on grip

Convenient for temporal stop of operation. Turning off the power can reduce nozzle oxidation.

Includes carrying case

Comes with a carrying case for prompt storage after use.

Packing List
Model No. Packing List
FR-301 Unit, Pre-filter, Ceramic paper filter (L; 2pcs), Nozzle wrench, Iron holder (simple type), Cleaning pin for heating core, Cleaning pin for Φ1 mm nozzle, Instruction manual
Model No. FR-301
Power consumption 100V 98W (50/60Hz)
110V 122W (50/60Hz)
120V 140W (50/60Hz)
220V 100W (50/60Hz)
230V 110W (50/60Hz)
240V 120W (50/60Hz)
Temperature range 350 to 500ºC
Nozzle to ground resistance <2Ω
Nozzle to ground potential <2mV
Vacuum generator Diaphragm pump
Vacuum pressure 81kPa (610mmHg)
Suction flow 11L/min.
Heating element Ceramic heater
Standard nozzle Φ1mm (No.N61-08)
Dimensions 215(W)×226(H) mm (with Φ1 mm (No.N61-08) nozzle)
Weight 0.52kg (with Φ1 mm (No.N61-08) nozzle)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Replacement parts
Part No. Name Specifications
B5193 Enclosure pipe
B5185 Filter pipe assembly
* The replacement for B5105.
with ceramic paper filter and related parts
A5044 Ceramic paper filter-L (qty 10)
* The replacement for A1033.
B5104 Pre-filter
A5030 Front holder
A5031 Filter holder
B5194 Filter pipe
B5195 Back holder
B5023 Valve plate
B5024 Diaphragm
C5003 Iron holder simple type
B5106 Nozzle wrench
B1085 Cleaning pin heating core
B1087 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1mm
C5042 Carrying case for FR-301
Part No. Name Specifications
C5046 Nozzle quick changer for FR-4103, FR-301
B5228 Receptacle for C5046
B5231 Oval nozzle positioning jig for FR-301
C1100 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge>
A1042 Cleaning sponge
B1086 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ0.8mm
B1088 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.3mm
B1089 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.6mm
B1302 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ0.8mm
B1303 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1mm
B1304 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.3mm
B1305 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.6mm
B1306 Drill holder nozzle Φ0.8/1mm
B1307 Drill holder nozzle Φ1.3/1.6mm
B1308 Drill (nozzle Φ0.8mm, qty 10)
B1309 Drill (nozzle Φ1mm, qty 10)
B1310 Drill (nozzle Φ1.3mm, qty 10)
B1311 Drill (nozzle Φ1.6mm, qty 10)

Hakko FR-301. Desoldering Tool for Power Lines

  • Производитель: Hakko
  • Модель: FR-301
  • Наличие: По запросу
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