• Hakko FG-102. Soldering Iron Tester with Bar Code Reader

  • Tip temperature thermometer with traceability management system
  • Free of errors in temperature measurement
  • Free of transcription errors for measured temperature
  • Standardization of temperature measurement
  • Secure management of tip temperature records

A new proposal for improvement and labor-saving in tip temperature control, from measurement to records management, for enhancement of manufacturing quality.

Aim for free of errors in recoding and for labor-saving by scanning unit ID and operator ID

Support to achieve labor-saving in tip temperature control by elimination of a manual process of posting measured temperature and inputting records into computer.

Support to achieve free of errors in temperature measurement by standardization of temperature measurement

The unit has a function to notify the end of measurement. When measurement is finished, “H” icon stops blinking. The unit can find measurement errors and prompt an operator to repeat measurement. The display shows “Fail” if tip loses appropriate contact with sensor before completion of measurement.

Pass/Fail judgment on measured temperature

Pass/Fail judgment on measured temperature can be automatically made if an acceptable temperature range is registered in advance. (The display shows “OK” or “Fail”.)

Make it easy to manage tip temperature records by transferring the data to computer

The unit can save up to 300 measurement records and transfer the data to computer via USB. (Data in CSV format. USB cable included.)

Group control

Groups can be created based on different set temperatures for different operations. Pass/Fail judgment on measured temperatures can be automatically made for different acceptable temperature ranges.

Automatic counting of the number of measurements

The unit automatically counts the number of measurements which indicates the timing of sensor replacement.

The picture is showing the display after measuring 6 times.

Notification of the calibration date

The unit automatically notifies the next scheduled calibration date if it is registered.

When the power is tuned on, this screen is displayed from two weeks before the calibration date.
Example: If the next calibration date is January 15, 2015, the screen is displayed from January 1, 2015.

Power saving design

The unit will automatically enter power save mode if not in operation for a certain time. Power supply to the scanner can be shut off when it is stored in the holder and battery consumption can be reduced.


Excellent portability with a handle and no need for power supply cord.
Compact design makes it easy to carry a unit around in workplace.
Packing List
Model No. Packing List
FG-102 Unit, Battery (qty 6, for trial), Barcode reader, USB cable, Software (CD-ROM), Sensor (qty 10), Barcode sticker for soldering iron ID (qty 30), Barcode sticker for operator ID (qty 30), Instruction manual
HAKKO FG-102 should be calibrated regularly as a Tester / Meter.
For details, please contact us or the distributors in your country.
Model No. FG-102
Power supply AA sized (LR6) battery × 6
Temperature resolution 1ºC
Temperature measurement range 0 to 700ºC
Temperature precision ±3ºC (300 to 600ºC)
±5ºC (other than above)
Temperature sensor K (CA)type thermocouple
Display LCD
Operating environment Ambient temperature/humidity range : 0 to 40ºC, 20 to 90%RH (without condensation)
Environmental conditions Applicable rated pollution degree 2 (According to IEC/UL 61010-1)
Dimensions 193(W)× 90(H)× 219(D)mm
Weight 0.93kg

* Dimensions : excluding barcode reader
* Weight (excluding battery and barcode reader)
* Temperature sensor (No.191-212 or No.191-212C) can only be used ti measure temperatures below 500ºC. To measure higher temperatures, use an applicable temperature probe.
* Traceability management function can only be used for soldering irons.

Replacement parts
Part No. Name Specifications
C5009 Bar code reader
191-212 Sensor (qty 10) lead-free
Change-out rate of sensor
The sensor replacement period is about 50 times per single sensor in general, but this changes depending on the temperature used and the components in the solder and flux.
If you use lead-free solder, the sensor needs to be replaced more frequently.
If the sensor degrades because it is being eaten away by the solder, it will register a low temperature. Even if the sensor is not broken, replace it after about 50 measurements.

Even if the soldering tip has degraded, the temperature will register extremely low. Keep these points in mind and decide on the sensor replacement period.
Caution: The sensor is extremely thin and may break if pushed with force.
Part No. Name Specifications
A1310 Temperature probe for soldering bath & pot
C1541 Temperature probe hot air
A1556 Sensor A
A1557 Sensor B
Traceability management function can only be used for soldering irons.
Category Title
How to use How to place the tip on the temperature measuring point on the sensor
How to use How to use the temperature probe for the hot air rework system (No.C1541)
Maintenance Why is the measured tip temperature lower than the set temperature?
Preview Title
Tips & hints for measuring soldering tip temperature

Hakko FG-102. Soldering Iron Tester with Bar Code Reader

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