• Hakko 599B. HAKKO 599B tip cleaner

  • Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner best suited for lead-free soldering

Specialized for cleaning tips used for lead-free solder
No water required for cleaning, minimizes the drop in tip temperature at each cleaning to ensure better workability.
Dome-shaped design reduces solder splash
Flux contained in cleaning wires prevents oxidation of soldering tips

1. Perform soldering

2. Place the soldering iron on the iron holderAfter finishing one soldering step,
first place the soldering iron on the iron holder without cleaning the tip.
3. Clean the tip

4. Perform next soldering step

Clean the tip just before soldering.

Model No. 599B
Dimensions Φ70×71(H)mm


Replacement parts
Part No. Name Specifications
599-029 Cleaning wire
Category Title
How to use Why is the soldering tip scratched by the wires in the cleaner pot?
Troubleshooting Solder is not removed as well as when using a sponge-type cleaner

Hakko 599B. HAKKO 599B tip cleaner

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  • Модель: 599B
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